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Stadswandeling DordrechtCity walks are usually thought to be boring and a bit dull. Book a city walk in our region and our guides will prove the opposite! There are walks in Dordrecht, Oud-Beijerland, Leerdam, Gorinchem and the windmill area of Kinderdijk. The guides are all professional VVV guides.

Dordrecht city walk
In 1220, Dordrecht was granted its city rights. It was the first time that such rights had been granted. Therefore, Dordrecht can justifiably call itself 'Holland's oldest city'. For years, Dordrecht played an important role in trade, politics and religion. The 1000 monuments still define the view of this medieval trading city. You will see numerous places of interest during your walk, such as the Hof, the Groothoofdspoort, the Stadhuis [city hall], the Grote Kerk, the Augustijnenkerk and numerous warehouses and mansions.

Gorinchem city walk
Gorinchem is an old fortified city, situated at the point where the provinces of South-Holland, Gelderland and North-Brabant meet. The city has more than once been the central point of a battle. Within the town ramparts, you can find a mix of building styles. This mix of styles is one of the aspects that make the inner city of Gorinchem so attractive.

Oud-Beijerland city walk
Your walk visits the historic centre of Oud-Beijerland. The walk leaves from the Oude Raadhuis, which is also the location of the VVV Tourist Information Office. You will pass the 1567 Protestant Church and the Oost-Voorstraat and West-Voorstraat. Moreover, a visit to the harbour is on the programme. Historically, the harbour occupied an important position, this was because for transport people in the main had to turn to the harbour at the Spui. Your walk ends once more at the Oude Raadhuis.

Kinderdijk windmills
A guide will lead a walk past the 19 windmills that can be found in this area. They are still in their original condition. These windmills were designed to remove the excess water from the western part of the Alblasserwaard. Modern pumping stations have now taken over the task of the windmills. In 1997, UNESCO placed the windmill area of Kinderdijk on the world heritage list. During the walk, it is possible to visit a 260-year-old windmill, the interior of which is in the original state. An admission fee must be paid to visit this windmill.

Costs:(max. 20 persons per guide)
1 hour € 72,50 per guide
1,5-2 hours € 75,00 per guide.

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